At Blushae, we are the Spray Tanning Experts and we offer luxury, bronze tans all year ’round.

Our solutions are custom blended to your skin tone. Each tan is expertly and flawlessly applied. Your glow will last up  to 10 days and will make you feel amazing.

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In studio Spray Tan 6-8 hour $30 Our custom blend tan is perfect for those who want a natural tan or a deep bronzed colour. It’s unique triple tan formula works with your own skin tone for a natural result. It contains botanical based ingredients that nourishes the skin. Non sticky and odourless. Shower in 6 – 8 hours.
In studio Spray Tan 1-3 hour $30 Our express tan is perfect for those in a hurry or those not wanting to stay in their tan for 8 hours. Express tans can be left on for under 2 hours for a light tan, under 4 hours for a medium tan and under 6 hours for a darker tan. You will be advised on how long you should leave it on for.